Negotiate with strength, fight to win


Litigation Legal ServicesWhen most people think about the practice of law they immediately imagine courtrooms, judges, and adversarial proceedings. The fact is, good attorneys approach the practice of law with the intent of preventing the need to have issues adjudicated in court.

The best attorneys are skilled enough to operate with two intentions at once:

1. Do everything possible to help clients avoid the stress and financial burden associated with litigation
2. Accomplish the first by simultaneously preparing the strongest case for their clients should litigation become advantageous or unavoidable.

By using this two intention method we are able to avoid the pitfalls of singular focus preparation:

• Attorneys that singularly focus on the avoidance of litigation put their clients in a weak position and may freeze when they fail to prevent it.
• Attorneys that begin with an overly aggressive stance can end up antagonizing other parties and end up in litigation when other less expensive avenues could have been pursued.

When litigation is unavoidable and you need strong representation to protect your rights, Conte Clayton and Austin, P.A. is there.

The attorneys at Conte Clayton and Austin, P.A. understand the fine balance that must be struck to provide our clients the best representation inside and outside of Court. Call us at 201-904-2007 with your questions.