New Jersey Business Litigation Attorneys

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Becoming involved in a legal dispute can be an intimidating prospect for most businesses. This is true regardless of whether your business is the plaintiff bringing the lawsuit to protect your rights or the defendant being sued. Lawsuits can threaten the future of your company and distract you from the day-to-day activities of running operations. Without the guidance of an experienced business litigation attorney, your business could be left defenseless against legal actions, fines, and penalties.

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At Conte Clayton & Austin, we know the importance of strategy and action. Our team takes a proactive approach to defending your business against internal and external legal threats so you can look toward the future with confidence.

Why work with a business litigation lawyer?

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By nature, running a business involves financial and interpersonal challenges. Client-focused business litigators who make the effort to understand your business can provide the guidance and support you need to overcome legal issues quickly and achieve your objectives with confidence and clarity.

If you’ve encountered a conflict with a business partner, customer, contractor, competitor, or even an employee,  you shouldn’t face it alone. It’s crucial to have someone on your side with the knowledge and experience needed to protect your interests.


Our business litigation services

Going to court may not be the most strategic option in every scenario, but when litigation is truly advantageous (or simply unavoidable) for your business, our attorneys will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and interests before a judge.

We offer a wide range of business litigation services so you can rest assured that your assets, staff, and reputation are thoroughly protected.

Contract disputes

In the event that breach of contract, non-performance, non-payment, or other contract-related issues arise, we’ll help you resolve the dispute and pursue the fullest possible compensation for damages in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Shareholder and partnership disputes

Good business is built on mutually respectful relationships. When your business relationships are impacted by disputes with partners, shareholders, or other members of your business entity, we’re here to help restore the peace.

Business torts

Don’t let fraud, misrepresentation, or other types of interference with your business relationships jeopardize your success. We help you pursue compensation for economic losses related to these types of business disputes.

Intellectual property disputes

Protecting your intellectual property rights is critical if you want to stand out. We’ll represent your business’s intellectual property and help you defend against allegations of trademark infringement.

Employment disputes

Lawsuits are a risk for any business of any size. When allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, or wage and hour violations threaten your business, we protect your reputation fiercely and negotiate the most favorable settlement possible.

Is your business protected?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for businesses

Many business owners assume that traditional litigation is the only way to settle a dispute, but that’s not always the case. In fact, avoiding court altogether may be preferable to preserve business relationships and save money. With an attorney who is experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on your side, it’s often possible to take this route.

Many business owners prefer ADR over courtroom litigation because it is often more efficient and affordable than going in front of a judge. It’s also an attractive option for reaching mutually acceptable solutions privately and peacefully.

Are you a business owner in need of legal advice? Schedule a consultation with our New Jersey business law firm.


Disagreements are part of the nature of doing business; preparing to address potential disagreements should be, too.

At Conte Clayton & Austin, we believe that you should never need to choose between value and efficacy when choosing an attorney. We combine the acumen of a larger law firm with a flexible, cost-effective business model that allows us to meet your legal needs while still providing the world-class, one-on-one service you deserve.

Don’t wait until legal issues arise to choose an attorney. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation so that you—and your business—can prepare for anything the future may hold.


If you’re already involved in a legal dispute and a lawsuit is looming, it’s important to meet with an attorney as soon as possible. Contact us with the details of your case—and don’t delay.

Our patient and empathetic attorneys will walk you through your legal rights and options. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a custom business or commercial litigation strategy, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. We’ll do everything in our power to reduce the conflict and financial strain of the situation so that you can get back to business.


New Jersey business litigation law firm FAQs

Why should you hire an attorney for a business litigation case?

Self representation isn’t recommended for business litigation matters, because business law can be complicated. Misunderstanding a detail or improperly filing paperwork can jeopardize your case. Plus, losing certain types of cases, such as employment disputes, may jeopardize your business’s reputation going forward.

Hiring an attorney can help you protect your rights and interests, and improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome in your case. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the nuances of business law and avoid common pitfalls that could cost you your case.

What does a business litigation lawyer do in New Jersey?

New Jersey business litigation lawyers offer a range of legal services, including negotiating settlements, providing legal advice, and drafting legal documents.


We can also help you avoid potential legal issues by advising you on compliance with state and federal laws. Some business litigation lawyers can also provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) support to help you resolve matters outside of the courtroom.

And, of course, business litigation lawyers also provide representation to business owners who must attend to a matter in court. In short, there are lots of reasons to have a business litigation lawyer on your side.